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Folk lift truck 9pm

 Saturday, 11th May

Folk lift truck originally formed as Grass-snake in 2012 as a Bluegrass Whitesnake covers band with local rhythm guitar stalwart Derek Goodson, unfortunately Derek was taken from the world far too soon and the remaining members, banjo player Wyn Lloyd, drummer Scott Boulton and bass player Paul Flint joined with vocalist James Boyd and rhythm guitarist Sam Goodwin, forming Going Down South.

Going Down South played a few gigs on the local scene before being honoured with a slot at Goodstock supporting Smokin, The Venezualan Pig Rustlers and Nightwish. James however left soon after to concentrate on furthering his physiotherapy career. Scott Boulton switched from drums to lead vocals for a jam session and surprised the hell out of his band mates, the search for a new vocalist was over and with the change in vocals came a change in name. Folk Lift Truck was born.

Folk Lift truck had a successful first year playing the local scene and were invited to play a number of folk festivals but the pounding sound of blast beats and chugging guitar soon proved to much of a lure for original Paul Flint and Sam Goodwin and they left to pursue their original love of MEEEETAAAALLLL... blacker than the blackest night.

With only founding members Scott Boulton and banjo player Wyn Lloyd remaining the future looked bleak; but in January 2016 they were joined by Steve Long- on Bass, David Trethewey- on Guitar and Jamie Simmons on Fiddle at Pitchfork Studios, the rhythm of Rockgrass once again resonated around Somerset and the Truck rolled on.....


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  • Saturday, 11th May

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